The ultimate event planning guide

Did you know that in marketing, most expenses are attributed to event planning? According to research, business events are considered the most effective B2B marketing tactics, used by as many as 81 % of all marketers. But how to create a perfect event? We wrote down 5 essentials every professional organizer should follow.


Before planning your event, it is recommended to ask and answer three key questions: What type of an event, who are we planning for and why should our target audience choose our event?

Build a statement that will later help you reach decisions about location selection, event program design and about communication with your participants.


Planning objectives is essential for event planning. Why is it any way that we are organizing this event? What is our objective? Set one main objective and the goals supporting the main objective. Be careful that all these goals:

  • are time-defined (set a time frame when the goal should be achieved. With long-term goals, also set short-term goals);
  • are specific and measurable (if possible, the goals should be set quantitatively);
  • cover the key areas (it is reasonable to set such goals that contribute most to business achievements);
  • are challenging and stimulating at the same time (goals set too high have a poor influence on motivation);
  • are linked to an awards system (individuals who know exactly what the award is for a goal achieved will be better motivated to achieve it).


First, you need to define the basics as the date, time and duration of the event. Next, you need to organize the venue and set up the program, and coordinate the speakers and/or performers. You also need to take care of the event finances (set the fees, and co-operations with sponsors). When the basics are done, you also need to set up a communication plan for your event (social media, event landing page), start collecting registrations, set up logistics and hire staff (hostess, waiters, security guard…). The last two steps are quite simple – keep following the plan and action!

ManagementReviewing the event does not only give us an overview of the final outcome but also serves as a motivator to better achievement of goals. If they know in advance that a review will follow which will show the success of the achievements, the organizers will strive to be more consistent in the execution of the event.

Successful communication

If you want to read more about the organization of an event, we encourage you to click here and download our PDF “The ultimate event planning guide”.