Frequently Asked Questions

What is IDConference?

IDConference is a solution for event management, which is user friendly for organizers and attendees. Our online platform EventID enables fast and simple setup of an event landing page with user-friendly registration and online payment option. EventIDtrack allows registration and records movement of attendees at the event. Lastly, EventIDmat enables basic segmentation of contacts within the CRM system and marketing automation (perfect for personalized mailing). All three components can be used together or separately, depending on your needs and wants.

Who is IDConference for?

IDConference is perfect for anyone who wants to take their events to the next level. It is useful for all types of events, both small meetings as well as larger events such as business conferences, VIP events, sporting events and even parties. At the same time, it is perfect for regulated conferences, such as medical events where attendance is required (EventIDtrack) and for events where organizers want personalized communication with participants before, during and after the event (EventIDmat). With IDConference organizers can provide a better user experience and plan ahead in terms of implementation of various loyalty programs we offer.

How much does it cost?

Each of the components of IDConference has its own pricing model and it also depends on what you decide to use (EventID, EventIDtrack or EventIDmat), but we are open to various collaboration models and can adapt to each client. Reach out to find out more.

What are UHF RFID stations and why are they useful?

UHF RFID stands for Ultra High Frequency and Radio Frequency Identification. The stations receive information from the cloud, which means they can accredit cca. 10 attendees per second. With UHF stations, you can achieve monitoring and recording of participants’ movements (real-time overview) at no or lower cost to hostesses,manage entrances in specific halls within the venue or connected events such as gala dinners, receptions, etc. You can also measure the time attendees spend inside the halls and get reliable and detailed reporting for each individual attendee. We have developed these stands especially for regulated medical events (chambers), where attendees get credit points as accredited for their attendance. If you need detailed information about who attended your lectures and how long they stayed for, this is a solution for you.

Can I use only EventIDtrack for an event?

Da, vse naše rešitve je mogoče uporabiti ločeno in so še vedno učinkovite, vendar priporočamo, da jih za boljšo izkušnjo uporabite skupaj. EventID se uporablja za postavljanje pristajalnih strani, prijavo in spletna plačila za udeležence. EventIDtrack je “pametna” oprema za registracijo, spremljanje in beleženje gibanja udeležencev na dogodku. EventIDmat je orodje za avtomatizacijo, ki omogoča osnovno segmentacijo stikov v sistemu CRM, personalizirano komunikacijo in avtomatizacijo trženja.

What kind of events can I use IDConference for?

IDConference offers its own solution for all types of events. Regulated events (medicine, law, mechanical engineering, coaches of various sports, associations, chambers…), business, sports events and conferences, VIP events or even parties, for which we can help you with our solution of cashless payments with the so-called prepaid card (SmartGifty).We can assist you with activities in all phases of the event – before, during and after the event (EventIDmat).

What do we offer?

We offer a time and budget saving solution which can be broken down into six steps. First is creating your own event landing page. Second is creation of registration form, agenda, permissions and online payment. Third step is printing personalized badges. Fourth step is fast scanning of digital barcode or RFID check-in at the events. Fifth step is real time attendees tracking. Lastly we help you with reporting, data analysis and follow up activities.  Simple and effective… Alongside our solutions, we also offer various consultancy services, especially useful if your marketing department is small or very busy. We can help you with email creation, email sending, attendee segmentation, design of personalized badges and more.