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We have an eye for detail in the area of attendee management. We have perfected it to the point that it is not just “a job well done” but our mission.

Jurij Triller

Jurij Triller


Jurij has more than 10 year experiences in event management solutions. His know-how will find a perfect management solution for your event.

Tomaž Jurič

Tomaž Jurič


Tomaž is the leading developer for event management platform and RFID solutions. His skills can deliver a custom solution that will match the need of your event.

Blaž Lanišek

Blaž Lanišek

RFID Specialist

Blaž is an expert in RFID technology. An engineer that will make sure your data will get collected for post-event analysis.

In cooperation with other developers, mentors and advisers.