These 7 e-mail marketing methods will help you sell more tickets

Marketing strategists say they are reaching more people than ever before because of new technology like AI that gives them more creative freedom with their platforms.

However, there is something to be claimed for the more traditional approaches, in this case, email marketing. Many professionals in the event industry still believe that this approach is the most successful and largely rely on it to increase sales. Large-scale outreach is possible, specialized audiences can be targeted, consumer information is simple to keep track of, and maybe best of all, it’s inexpensive and automated!

Why then did it fail to work for me?

There are many reasons why email marketing is a good idea, but it does not mean it is risk-free or simple to implement successfully.

Sadly, this also implies that there are numerous subtle ways in which a campaign can be conducted poorly. There are many nuanced methods to develop an effective email marketing approach. Email marketing is the way to go if you want the biggest ROI possible, but how can you make it as effective as possible?

Here are some tips that will guarantee that you sell more tickets and draw more people to your event:

1. Utilize a Stable Platform

Although it seems trite, it is all too true. Your project will fall apart around you if you don’t have a solid base upon which to build. The entire purpose of email marketing is that it is low-cost, produces results quickly, and provides a fantastic return on investment. However, implementing a subpar approach will only lead to dissatisfaction, worry, and a glaring lack of sales.

A platform for email marketing will help you segment your audience for the best results, improve the deliverability of your emails, offer useful templates, and do much more.

2. It’s both business and personal

There are several techniques to make your email appear personal, which is quite crucial. In this day and age, when everyone’s inbox is clogged and overflowing, making sure your email is from a personal account will help it stand out from the rest. The first stage is to get them to open and interact with your email.

The reader will be immediately interested if you use the classic [insert first name] to address them directly. The actual difficulty is making sure that the email’s content is unique to them.

PImagine sending a classical music enthusiast an email with information about upcoming heavy metal concerts in their neighborhood. This is a worthless email that will instantly turn off your potential customer. Targeting particular segments of your clientele is crucial!

3. The Topical Issues

Your success depends on the subject line. Even if the email’s content is excellent, it will be useless if the subject line is uninteresting. You must seize your target client’s interest right away in order to get them to open the email and continue reading. Here are some pointers for doing so:

  • Make it brief and sweet.
  • Ensure that it is educational and audience-specific.
  • Including an intriguing query or startling statistic frequently works.
  • Making something urgent can spark curiosity.
  • Personalizing the message is crucial once more.

4. Simple is Best

The greatest approach to guarantee that your audience reads through your entire piece is to keep your material brief and informative. Use subheadings or illustrations to break up long blocks of text. Additionally, keep it brief; including too many topics in one email can prevent recipients from reading it all.

5. The Early Bird Catches the Worm

Promoting a sense of urgency and scarcity is a really powerful strategy. Often, the final push to purchase tickets comes from appealing to people’s need to meet deadlines.

People will feel pressured to decide if they are informed about how quickly tickets are selling out and how many are still available. Additionally, adding a time-limited promotion or bonus for buying the tickets within a certain window of time is much more successful. Gently nudge your audience to take immediate action, and you’ll frequently get fantastic results.

6. The Call to Action

The greatest approach to boost the number of responses from your audience must be to include more than one call to action, right?

Wrong. In actuality, it has the exact opposite impact. Add many alternatives to your email to avoid giving recipients excess stuff they might not want or a decision they might not want to make. Your email should be concise and to the point. Every time, better outcomes arise from taking away their choices and providing them only one option to take action on something they are particularly interested in.

7. Test repeatedly

One of the things that people frequently ignore is this. You’ve made a campaign, composed an email, chosen a particular segment of your audience to target, and sent them all. Easy. You now realize that the link is broken, your subject line contains a spelling error, or one of the links is inaccurate. It’s too late now.

The worst that can happen are errors and broken links. All of that fantastic content is useless since it will immediately turn off your readers. Before sending it to the crucial client, make sure everything is operational and in top shape by sending test emails of various versions to yourself, friends, or colleagues.

Along with regularly updating and modifying the text of your emails, make sure all links are accurate and up to date. As was already established, mistakes turn people off the most.


As a result, email marketing shouldn’t be viewed as outdated. It is still recognized as the most beneficial and gratifying item in an event manager’s toolbox despite many having come before it and many more to come. It’s simple to see the outcomes, economical, largely automated, and should theoretically save you a lot of time and stress.

Delivering a successful email marketing strategy, however, is more difficult than it seems. So make sure to stick to these tips, and your chances of succeeding with email marketing will increase significantly. Use these suggestions to increase sales, fill venues, and maybe simplify your life.