A Guide: Industry Conferences

When organizers and participants think of professional events, industry conferences usually come to mind first. These large-scale events are frequently held in person in major cities’ exhibition halls or conference facilities.

What is an Industry Conference?

A large-scale gathering that brings together people working in the same industry to share knowledge, gain insights, and network with like-minded people is known as an industry conference. The majority of industry conferences are geared around raising brand awareness and enhancing lead generation in order to increase income streams. Some event organizers, on the other hand, make money through ticket sales.

While conferences were held in person, the last two years shifted this trend – almost 40% of industry conferences have been held online.

That being said, Industry conferences work well in any format: in-person, virtual, or hybrid. The most essential thing is to figure out which format will best serve your organization’s objectives, as well as the needs of your attendees, sponsors, suppliers, and other stakeholders.

Organizer’s objectives

To generate income and ensure that their event is profitable, event organizers prioritize selling as many tickets as possible. Furthermore, they want to increase income by rising brand recognition and expediting lead generation.

Additionally, by obtaining the proper sponsors, event organizers strive to cover the costs of putting on an event. Most industry gatherings will include sessions and panels moderated by executives and other key stakeholders to demonstrate thought leadership or highlight new goods and services.

Attendee’s objectives

There are numerous reasons why companies send their personnel to industry events. Attending industry conferences provides opportunities to learn new skills, network and generate leads.

Attendees will have the opportunity to network with other professionals in their sector, personnel from other firms who may become prospective partners, industry experts, and more. You never know when a fortuitous meeting will turn into a long-term business partnership.

Participants also attend conferences to broaden their knowledge, become acquainted with new technologies, and be inspired by learning best practices from professionals and influencers.

How can we help you achieve industry conference event success?

Organizing an event with a complex agenda and many participants is easy with our event management solution – IDConference. IDConference consists of three components:

  • The EventID web platform enables quick and easy setup of the event landing page with user-friendly registration, the possibility of online payment, monitoring the visit of individual participants in the event and preparing final reports.
  • EventIDtrack allows fast registration at the event and records the movement of participants in the event.
  • EventIDmat is intended for basic segmentation of contacts within the CRM system, personalized communication and automation of marketing processes for more successful sales of your services or products.

Together, they form an integrated solution for the best management of your event attendees.