Social media engagement with your audience

Having a strong social media presence is one of the finest methods to develop trust and solid relationships with your audience. The more you engage your audience on social media, the higher your organic reach will be. Content and accounts with a lot of comments, likes, reposts, and enthusiasm are preferred by algorithms.

So, how can event marketers and social media managers engage their followers on social media while also promoting their companies and events? We’ve highlighted seven crucial stages for engaging your audience on social networking networks like Instagram, TikTok, Linkedin, Facebook, and others.

Create an event hashtag

An event hashtag gives you a great overview of content made by your followers or participants. On top of that, you can reply to their posts even faster.

The most important part is to create a hashtag that hasn’t been used before for any other purpose. Use it before, during and after the event on a regular basis. Instead of adding it at the end, include it as a part of your post text.

Regular posting on social media

It’s critical to maintain consistency on social media. Lay out the various posts you’ll utilize to engage your audience on your favorite social media platform using a content calendar.

However, don’t merely post for the sake of posting or promoting your event. Your content should be adaptable, engaging, personable, and valuable.

  • Show your team that is behind the organization of the event
  • Publish teasers
  • Introduce your speakers and lecturers
  • Use countdowns
  • Create giveaways


Organizing a giveaway is a terrific way to engage your audience on social media while also promoting your event. Encourage your participants to promote the event on social media and tag colleagues who might be interested. Giveaways can greatly increase organic reach and brand exposure.


Influencers are perfect when it comes to recognition and sales. Let them spread the word about your event, hashtag, giveaway, and even AR filters. The study made by Rakuten Marketing showed that 80% of consumers have purchased a product that was recommended by an influencer.

Post-event engagement

Lastly, do not forget to post on your social media and engage with participants after the event. Share pictures from the event, post highlights and press, ask your attendees for feedback and provide those who were unable to attend a sense of what the event was like


Even while event planners can promote events without using social media and instead rely on event platforms, social media remains one of the most effective ways to reach your audience in a natural and interesting way. With Smart Octopus Solutions, you can create automated campaigns for social media and email marketing so you can achieve as high ROI levels as possible.