2 new trends in the event industry you need to follow in 2023

Over the years, and particularly in the last few years, the events sector has undergone numerous changes. The industry is being rebuilt to keep up with these advancements as new technology continues to alter how people perceive events. These technological advancements, such as social media and mobile apps, are altering how people connect with one another and their surroundings.

What is the best method to stay current with this market that is changing so quickly? Two new event industry trends for 2023 will be discussed in this article.

Why is the events sector evolving so quickly?

Interests and knowledge are changing more rapidly than ever. With the emergence of new terms and ideas like the FOMO factor, what was once ordinary becomes outdated. It is hardly surprising that an industry founded on the interests of individuals would have to adjust as quickly as these developments.

Additionally, the events sector needs to stay up with the times as new entertainment, interests, and technologies emerge in order to keep bringing people together. The audience is getting pickier and is not interested in events that are poorly organized, lack sufficient information, or have inadequate space.

Those who specialize in preparing large-scale events are known as event specialists. Additionally, they are getting more active in business-related activities like sales and marketing. In the past, what was merely a component of entertainment and product sales is now an entire industry. Additionally, the new event sector has its own technologies and trends.

1. Events using Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)

The popularity of AR as a form of entertainment is rising. Users can use smartphones and other devices to interact with virtual environments and objects. Businesses are utilizing this new technology to improve customer service, offer more information, and even sell things.

The event sector is also embracing VR as an emerging trend. As a result of the genuine experience it offers event attendees, it is swiftly gaining popularity. With the aid of a VR headset, users can enter a whole new universe. They can perceive what others cannot, and they have the sensation of being present. VR offers a unique opportunity to engage customers in ways that were before impractical in addition to a more immersive experience.

Many well-known tech conferences, including E3 and BlizzCon, employ virtual reality to display their newest titles. Some even provide a location where users can test this technology on upcoming platforms. Additionally, it’s employed to promote healthy lifestyles in the gaming sector and keep individuals active during downtime.

It’s crucial to remember that gamification is spreading to several fields in order to aid learning and skill development. As a result, AR and VR are extremely important in encouraging people to practice their talents. We may anticipate an increase in events with VR areas and gamification in 2023. As a result, get a head start on the competition by beginning to organize your next event using this new industry trend.

2. How people attend events is changing due to mobile technologies

More attendees are using mobile devices to access event information. According to a recent Eventbrite survey, 52% of guests use cell phones at events. As more individuals grow acclimated to utilizing mobile devices, it is anticipated that this event trend will continue.

There has been a huge increase in mobile applications created especially for events in recent years. Users of these apps may look for events, see the schedules, make reservations, and even buy tickets. Even though these applications aren’t yet as common as other types of social media, their use is on the rise and is starting to influence the event business.

For event planners, not utilizing mobile technologies could cost you money and time. According to a study by Bizzabo, 72% of event organizations think that today’s event management depends heavily on event technologies. The best approach to event planning can be changed by creating an app or using event software. You can organize events remotely as an event planner by utilizing event technology. If you want to spread the word about your events and attract more participants, you can also publish them on social networks and in newsletters.

How to take advantage of event trends in 2023?

These improvements are already being pursued by many companies and event planners. Some are just getting to know them, while others have already mastered them. You can always rely on technology to help you take advantage of these event trends faster if you want to speed up this process.

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